Posted by: Redcliffe | November 12, 2008

Redcliffe graduate’s new environmental organisation

picea-5004Former Redcliffe MA student, Simon Penney, has set up a new web-based organisation for Christians working in all aspects of environmental action.

Called Professionals International in Christian Environmental Action (PICEA), the network aims to support environmental professionals around the world in their personal and professional development and through networking, to connect individuals and groups. The PICEA website will provide job listings, latest research, a discussion board and a peer review facility.

It was launched on 21 October 2008, by Sir John Houghton FRS CBE at the IFES International Symposium on Climate Change in Jamaica.

Sir John Houghton said, “The belief that God cares for all of creation brings a strong message of hope that Christian Environmental Professionals share as they get together in PICEA. In this exciting new association, experts from rich and poor, north and south, east and west, will cooperate in facing the enormous challenge of halting and reversing the unprecedented environmental degradation in today’s world.”

Simon studied the MA in Global Issues in Contemporary Mission at Redcliffe during 2005-6. He is the founder of Promise Consulting, an environmental consultancy providing advice on a wide range of environmental and sustainable development topics to organisations and individuals around the world. Projects include work for Send a Cow in Uganda, with OM in Sri Lanka, with Metro Vancouver in Canada and others.

Some of the profit from commercial work is used to help bring environmental relief to some of the poorest communities on the planet and raise awareness amongst community groups, faith communities and others.
So what was behind the vision of PICEA?

“There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of Christians across the globe who are in, or seeking to become involved in, one type of environmental profession or another,” Simon said. “They are motivated by their faith to care for their fellow humans, their environment and the world God has given us to live in.

“PICEA is for those people, to help strengthen them in their calling to this vital and important ministry area. We envisage the organisation will be useful to all environmental professionals and even non-environmental professionals who would like to support this area of work.”

For more information, or to join, visit the PICEA website



  1. This is superb, and you really demonstrated that you are transformed by what you learned at Redcliffe.Pray for me as well, I am studying the same course presently in the college and having the same burden for Africa and Nigeria my home country.I pray that this effort be sustained.

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