Posted by: Redcliffe | December 18, 2008

A Redcliffe graduate, I presume?

Audrey Featherstone, I PresumeEarlier this year the biography of Audrey Featherstone, a Redcliffe student in the 1940’s, was published. Audrey Featherstone, I Presume is written by Tim Shenton and tells the story of Audrey’s life and 25 years of ministry in Congo.

The book also includes some of Audrey’s recollections about her time at Redcliffe, which was then based in Chiswick, London. Here are a couple of snippets:

The students represented many different missionary societies and fields, and some had not even applied or been accepted by a mission when they joined the college. Two or three shared a room. If Miss Nash [the then principal] reckoned two girls might not enjoy each other’s company, she deliberately put them together. The reasoning behind her actions was because, on the mission field, you could not pick and choose with whom you worked – you might have to work with someone particularly irksome to your natural temperament. (p.66)

At 6:30 a.m. the bell rang and after a cold wash, the students prayed and read the Bible for an hour before doing chores such as cleaning and cooking. At meal times they sat at three long tables and were not allowed to pass by any food they did not like – all had to be eaten… Again it was useful training because on the mission field there were few delicacies to enjoy and little food to be rejected. After Audrey left college, she appreciated the training, but at the time she was not so sure! (p.67)

Audrey Featherstone, I Presume is published by Evangelical Press and was recently reviewed by Redcliffe’s Paul Tanner in the December edition of Encounters Mission Ezine.

Redcliffe, of course, is rather different now; for example, everyone has their own room and you don’t have to eat the custard skin! But it made me wonder, if you were to write an autobiography, what would you include in your chapter on training at Redcliffe? Why not put some thoughts down on the Your reflections page?

A very Happy Christmas and New Year to our global community from all of us at College!



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