Posted by: Redcliffe | February 11, 2009

God’s love at work

News from Huub and Margeriet, Pick and Mix  short course students in 2007

‘I’m sorry, the doctor has gone for a couple of weeks’
It’s a Tuesday morning when a car arrives at the hospital. A Gabonese woman, pregnant, is carried out of the car. She is nine months pregnant, and unconscious, after having suffered from epileptic seizures during the night. However, as she lives in the dark bush, it would have been too dangerous for her to travel at night. This morning, she was driven to the hospital in Mouila, a village 2 hours from where we live, where they told them:

‘We are sorry, but we don’t have a doctor here to help you at the moment, he’s gone for a couple of weeks’. Can you imagine that this would happen in the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe…? After this, she was put back into the car and taken to our hospital.

She is diagnosed with a pregnancy intoxication. If she had been able to have more regular check-ups with a midwife or GP, they would probably have decided to deliver the baby earlier, especially as she experienced the same problems during her last pregnancy.

We decide to do an emergency C-section. Fortunately, the operation is successful and the newborn baby is healthy. The first days after the delivery, Esther remains unconscious, but little by little she recovers and starts to recognise her family members.

I speak with her husband a couple of days later. He isn’t a Christian, and says to me: ‘I’ve been to church a few times, but I’m young, I enjoy life, hanging out with friends and I don’t have much time to read my bible’. However, the incident with his wife has started to change him and he realises that God has saved her and their baby. This is an example of one of the precious moments in our work here in Gabon, where God used the circumstances to draw people nearer to Him. He is using this hospital and the staff in this place to show patients His everlasting love.


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