Posted by: Redcliffe | March 4, 2009

A warm welcome back

Edith, who trained at Redcliffe in the 1980’s, hopes to return to study one of our MA progmrammes. She recently came to the College for an interview, and found a warm welcome awaited her…

During my training at Redcliffe in the 1980’s, I joined AIM International, an interdenominational missionary society working in East, Central and Southern Africa. I began my ministry with AIM in Tanzania and then transferred to Kenya where I have spent most of my missionary career in the field of education.

For the past three years I have been working at AIC Missionary College in Eldoret. The college opened in 1986 with the purpose of training Africans to be cross-cultural missionaries. Our students follow a two year course which has a strong practical bias to prepare the student and their family for living and working in unreached areas. In 2006 the college became a satellite campus for Scott University and we began to take in theology students as well. My main areas of ministry at the college have been teaching English, mostly to the theology students, as well as taking care of the library and giving administrative support.

As a college staff, we have discussed the future development of AIC Missionary College. Raising our academic standards is on the agenda as well as diversifying our curriculum. These days, with a more educated population, African students are looking for university degrees rather than just certificates or diplomas.

There is also a need for cross-cultural training of those going on short-term mission, perhaps as tent-makers in neighbouring countries. I am returning to Redcliffe to do some research on the training of short-term African missionaries as well as gaining the qualification I need to serve at university level.

When I attended Redcliffe recently for interview, I was given a warm welcome back. The college site has changed since I did my missionary training but I was aware once again of that personal interest that Redcliffe staff take in the individual student. I was provided with a tailor-made, individual programme for my visit. A staff member gave up her evening to interview me. I had opportunities to interact with students and staff to find out pertinent details related to Redcliffe’s MA in Global Issues in Contemporary Mission.

I had a very positive time at the college and felt that my visit was well worthwhile. I realise that the MA programme is going to be a challenge but I’m looking forward to the stimulation of being in an academic, mission-oriented environment that will prepare me for further service in Africa. I’m also looking forward to the opportunity to give, by sharing with other students something of my experiences on the mission field.


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