Posted by: Redcliffe | April 8, 2009

Former student’s ‘marathon’ effort!

Redcliffe’s former students get up to all kinds of things! Marge, who graduated in 2008 brings us up to date with what she’s been doing since then, and why she decided to run the Hastings half-marathon, raising £750 for Redcliffe’s Strategic Leadership Fund in the process.

After graduating from Redcliffe I got a job with Abernethy Trust, which runs four outdoor activity centres in Scotland. I work in the centre at Ardeonaig in rural Perthshire as the ‘In House Team Leader’.

My work has given me plenty of time for thinking and processing all the things that I learnt whilst at Redcliffe. At the centre we tell the young people who come here, mainly from primary schools, about our faith and we contribute to our local church (about 8 miles away). I have also been helping organise and run the GAP year team Bible studies.

How has your training at Redcliffe helped you in your job?
It’s helped in many ways! Having lived in a vibrant multi- cultural community helped me settle in quickly with the community here. It also helped me to be able to deal with the multi-national team that is under my care.

The Biblical studies courses that I took have been invaluable to me, as I no longer have the library resource that Redcliffe offered. However I have many notes from lectures and a real understanding of how to study the Bible and make it accessible to others. My training at Redcliffe also gave me much more passion for the word of God and I hope that this has been evident in the studies I have led for the team. The leadership course has to have a mention as I now work as a team leader, and as one of the older members of the community (at 28!) I have more responsibilities. Recently we have gone through some tough times as a team. Aspects of the course keep coming back to me and I have been able to put them into practice.

The practical nature of Redcliffe life also has to have made some impact on me as part of my job now involves cleaning showers, toilets, bedrooms, and corridors – just like College Teamworks!

Why did you decide to run the half marathon?
During my third year at College I thought that joining the Redcliffe runs to get some exercise was a good idea and having a goal would be even better. I then rashly and rather foolishly decided to run the Hastings Half Marathon in under 3 hours (Having run it in 1999 in 3hrs 1min).

However if I was to run the half marathon I wanted to raise money for something, and as Redcliffe has been such an influential part of my life I wanted to give something back to the College.

Redcliffe’s Strategic Leadership Fund provides part funding for emerging leaders from the Global South to train at Redcliffe. Why did you want to raise money for this fund in particular?
The SLF is a cause that is close to my heart, my time at Redcliffe would have been very different if many of those benefiting from the SLF had been unable to attend. The fact that we can learn so much from emerging leaders from majority world countries means that it is important that they can come and teach us about their point of view. Not only is this helpful for us as we are living in an increasingly multi-cultural society, even in rural Perthshire but it also helpful for them as they learn about other cultures in Redcliffe’s unique community.

I found that this sharing of ideas, world views and culture served to broaden my theology, mission and understanding of the world at large. It has also helped me in speaking with other members of my community here at Ardeonaig. How perfect it is, having lived with Brazilians, Africans (of many countries), Americans, and Canadians before coming to live and work with them here. It has given me such an understanding and ability to learn from and accept them for who they are. I really appreciated having input from those who are supported by the SLF during the courses and life at college. I want so much to support people like those I studied with, so that others can have the same opportunities.


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