Posted by: Redcliffe | May 11, 2009

A surprising encounter

Douglas and Maria Augusta, former Redcliffe students, work in Quito, Ecuador. Douglas called into the college recently to speak to current students about his work. He told the following – very encouraging- story.

On Easter Sunday, Maria Augusta visited a bakery in Quito. She was on her way to the women’s prison to lead a service for the inmates. Normally she would buy bread to give to the women before the service started, but today she wanted cake for a special Easter celebration.

In the shop she noticed two men, also buying bread – and one had a bible in his bag. Their dark skin gave away the fact they were from Esmeraldas on the Ecuadorian coast, a long journey away by bus.

‘Are you preachers?’ she asked the strangers.

‘Yes’ they replied and went on to explain that they had come from Esmeraldas the previous day. Before they became Christians, they had been gang leaders and drug dealers. The Lord had transformed their lives, and now they spent their time preaching in Ecuadorian prisons.

They had been able to get into the men’s prison to speak on Easter Saturday, but they felt God also wanted them to speak in the women’s prison. But with no contacts, it was difficult for them to gain access to the prison.

‘This is the most unusual thing,’ said Maria Augusta. ‘I’m going to the prison, and can take you with me.’ So they went together, the men spoke to the female prisoners, and twenty decisions for Christ were made that day.

Later that day, Maria Augusta reflected on what had happened.

“I cannot say what happened was a coincidence – it was God leading me into their path so we could have such an amazing time on Sunday. God’s grace is such a big grace, and it doesn’t matter how much of a sinner we are – he just touches our lives and transforms us.”


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