Cheryl Frith, Redcliffe's Former Student Coordinator


Please note, the Redcliffe Global Community blog has been replaced by a new Redcliffe blog integrating current and former student stories plus much more: Training for Mission

Hello and welcome to the Redcliffe Global Community, our name for the family of former Redcliffe College students.

We are a diverse group of people with two things in common – we are passionate about being involved with what God is doing in the world and we are all former students of the College!

With our graduates working in around 100 countries, we certainly are global. We also want to continue the sense of community that so many of you experienced while studying here.

The purpose of this blog is to inspire, reflect and connect. We hope it will help you to:

  • look back fondly on your time at Redcliffe;
  • look around you now for news and to connect with fellow alumni; and
  • look ahead to how the Redcliffe can feature in your future ministry and contining development

I look forward to hearing from you,


Cheryl Frith, Former Student Coordinator



  1. I was delighted to visit Redcliffe global community web today. Indeed, I am delighted that God brought me to Redcliffe and blessed me greatly in many ways whilst at Redcliffe. The sense of Community is great.

  2. Its always good to hear wot God is doing through people who have been to Redcliffe. I stiil recall my good old days at Redcliffe. I just happy that Rob is the next Principal having studied with him in my last year at Redcliffe. Am also having a lot to here on The Humber Ports with the Seafarers. Keep us in your prayers because just like many in UK, many have lost their jobs and ship movements has fallen up 25 percent.

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