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Please note, the Redcliffe Global Community blog has been replaced by a new Redcliffe blog integrating current and former student stories plus much more: Training for Mission

The Redcliffe Global Community is about more than staying in touch with the college, although we certainly want you to do that. It is also a networking opportunity, and a way for the College to continue to support you after you have left us.

Prayer support
Send us your prayer letters and we can support you in your work through praying for you in our regular world focus prayer groups.

Global Community Groups
In many countries around the world there are clusters of Redcliffe graduates. We are keen to facilitate groups of former students meeting together for fellowship and networking.

Become a Redcliffe advocate
Many of our students first hear about Redcliffe from someone who has already studied at the College and your opinion is often a key factor in influencing their decision. We would be pleased to send you any leaflets about the College and specific courses for you to use at events you may be attending. We also have a PowerPoint presentation available to download and use if you have the opportunity to tell others about Redcliffe.

Contact Cheryl Frith, Redcliffe’s Former Student Coordinator.



  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Many greetings from Peru. I just visited this blog for the first time, and I am wondering whether there is a Global Cummunity Group of ex- Redcliffe students in Peru, or other LA countries. During our stay at Redcliffe, it appeared to me that little students were preparing for service in LA. Does that correspond with your statistics of were students finally end up?

    Many blessings, as well as personally as in your ministry.

    Warm regards, Maarten & Arine

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