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What did your time at Redcliffe mean to you?

“The intellectual challenges and social interactions within and outside the College stimulated my mental capacity to the point where I now desire to start a PhD programme.” (George, 2007)

“My time at Redcliffe has broadened my perspective and understanding of Christian Mission in a more holistic sense. I realise previously, even as a church minister, I have been more of a spectator than a participant in some aspects of Christian mission, for instance the issue of the environment as part of Christian mission. I now desire to integrate environmental issues with my traditional ministry as an ordained minister in Uganda.” (Samuel, 2007)

“My time at Redcliffe prepared me in an incredibly holisitic way for what I am moving on to; it equipped me with skills such as pastoral care, how to lead Bible studies and public communication skills. I learnt in-depth about Scripture and theology, and to view myself and others in a healthy way.
“Importantly I discovered how to interact with people very different from myself. Living in such a multi-cultural community, eating, socialising, worshipping together was a part of the experience of Redcliffe which challenged, changed and shaped me as much as the lectures!” (Claire, 2007)

“During my time at Redcliffe I realised how important it is to go to a mission training college before going on mission. It was important to learn about other religions, and to learn about living and working cross-culturally. I learnt to see the Bible in the context of its own time and culture, and this helped me to see how I am culturally influenced in my reading of the Bible, as are people in other countries.” (Lianne, 2007)

“My time at Redcliffe was fantastic preparation for the mission field, in so many ways. It was a time of stretching and learning, about myself, about my faith and about my Lord. The mission training aspect of the courses helped me enormously to have a better idea of what to expect once I reached the mission field. I appreciated the focus on the realities of living and working in a different culture; there were plenty of opportunities to discuss ethical questions and hear from people who had years of experience on the mission field. 
“Here on the field, I am frequently reminded of things I learned at Redcliffe. All in all, I highly recommend Redcliffe to anyone who is considering following God to a different culture because I can’t think of any better preparation.” (Fiona, 2005)

“Redcliffe prepared us in several ways. Being in a cross cultural environment was helpful, especially living with people who were all preparing for similar changes in the future. Secondly, the fact that all the lecturers have had experience of cross-cultural work and their approachable manner meant that we felt able to go to lecturers and ask questions. Thirdly, the balance between practical and spiritual was good. We felt we were being asked to think about things that related to our spiritual and practical development.” (Jo and Dave, 2006)



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